Life is a song-sing it.Life is a game-play it.Life is a challenge-meet it.Life is a dream-realize it.Life is a sacrifice-offer it.Life is a love-enjoy it.-Sai Baba

Good friends,good books and a sleepy conscience:this is the ideal life.

A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.-Charles Darwin

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" He who learns but does not think,is lost!He who thinks but does not learn is in great danger does not learn is in great danger"

- Confucius

70 + True Love Quotes in English


True Love Quotes in English Best True Love Quotes for her real love

True love is when you can't describe in words what you like about him.

True love can be felt more in the silence than in the words.

LOVE does not need to be perfect. It just needs to be TRUE.

True love can be felt more in the silence than in the words.

In real love you want the other person's good. In romantic love you want the other person.- Margaret Anderson

True love bears all, endures all and triumphs!- Dada Vaswani

True love is selfless. It is prepared to sacrifice. - Sadhu Vaswani

Real love is a permanently self-enlarging experience..  -  M. Scott Peck

To love deeply in one direction makes us more loving in all others.- Anne-Sophie Swetchine

Quotes about True Love

Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer. - Jean de La Fontaine

True love stories never have endings. - Richard Bach

True love lasts forever. - Anonim

Real love trusts, Mature love understands and True love waits. - Analiza Garcia

Life is a game and true love is a trophy. - Rufus Wainwright

True love comes once in a lifetime…open your eyes and your heart and see the miracle in front of you.

Real love is accepting other people the way they are without trying to change them. - Don Miguel Ruiz

True love is not the number of kisses or how often you get them, true love is the feeling that still lingers long after the kiss is over.